Editor's Welcome

I can't begin to tell you just how excited i am to introduce to Nigeria - H I L M A! A new and vibrant community based cosmopolitan magazine where we share culture, lifestyle, travel and a host of interests within and outside our community.


We aim to showcase people, some of whom are friends at home and in diaspora; places and destinations that we know will interest our readers. We are passionate to connect with, and tell the stories of people from every corner of society far and near.  


In these times of uncertainties within the changing world around us, we believe H I L M A's birth is timely in reaching out, by delivering a publication that connect people and tell their stories.

H I L M A seeks to engage across generations, nationalities, race and creed. We will advocate across all spectrum of society; be it welfare of the child, budding entrepreneurs of every description, trendsetters, leisure pursuits, travel and lifestyle in general. While technology efficiently delivers news stories to our desktops, laptops and mobile devices, magazines are all about context - how ideas and images are presented in relation to one another and within a larger point of view. Magazines are about trust and partnership: As, Editor, I will strive always to keep you engaged; you, the readers, are free to engage with us.


In this Pilot issue, we have headlined with a British/Jamaican, who we described as an 'Adventurer' ; I am sure you will marvel at her travel exploits and admire her passion to travel the world.


We have an article from an expert in child development, dealing with our 'Special Needs Children'. I am sure the information contained therin will be of interest to all.


Also, in this issue, we have profiled successful women at the top of their games; capturing their strengths professionally and personally, while at the same time delighting in the pleasures and ironies of their rise to success.


COVID-19 - fatigue, let us spark your curiosity digitally.


Let us show you where to go in Abuja for an evening on the town or just where to hang-out with friends.


To our readers, we bid you welcome and sincerely hope you enjoy the pilot issue of H I L M A Magazine. Stay with us - and expect more!




The Publisher H I L M A

H I L M A Magazine is published by Toberry Enterprises, whose Chief Executive Officer, Tobore Onokpite, is a trained professional in Graphic Art, Design, Animation and Computer Arts.


68, Kwame Nkrumah, Abuja 900231

''Be your own phenomenon'' 

Tobore Onokpite

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Pages 05 - 12

Editor's Welcome


Page 05

Stoic Quotes From A Capricornian Sage


Page 06

A Quest For Adventure With Theresa Powell 

(aka Akua Boahemaa)


Page 07

A Quest For Adventure With Theresa Powell  

(aka Akua Boahemaa)


Page 08

A Quest For Adventure With Theresa Powell 

(aka Akua Boahemma) 


Page 09

A Quest For Adventure With Theresa Powell

(aka Akua Boahemma)


Page 10

A Quest For Adventure With Theresa Powell 

(aka Akua Boahemma)


Page 11

Stoic Quotes From A Capricornian Sage


Page 12

Pages 13 - 20
Pages 23 - 30
Pages 31 - 38
Pages 56 - 64


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